Our funds management business invests in affordable accommodation in residential land lease communities (RLLCs) for Australian seniors and families

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Responsible Fiduciary

The strength of our funds management team lies in specialist skills across asset acquisition, property, development and asset management.

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Socially Responsible InvestIng

Our mission is to deliver beneficial social impact alongside excellent financial return

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In a competitive market place, the current performance of our property portfolios and macro economic market drivers make for a compelling investment opportunity

  • Industry is in a strong growth phase, with a rising demand for affordable housing
  • Yields between 8 – 12%
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Eighth Gate is committed to delivering a more rewarding investment experience

We are determined to be a leading provider of affordable accommodation in this country. The economic drivers for this sector, including the ageing population, housing affordability and cost of living are overwhelming and will continue to impress on our conscience for many decades to come

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